Gastroenterologists reveal 7 ways to ease trapped wind

'Tis the season to be jolly and possibly sick in the tummy too!

'Tis the season to be jolly and possibly sick in the tummy too!

When Christmas comes around, feasting becomes routine and it is not that hard to overeat.

However, holiday bingeing stops being fun when trapped wind kicks in and you start to feel bloated and constipated.

In an interview with SELF gastroenterologists Dr Jamile Wakim-Fleming from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and Dr Kyle Staller from Massachusetts General Hospital gave their top tips to help deal with flatulence this festive season.

1. Sip a glass of water slowly.

According to Dr. Wakim-Fleming drinking water helps move any gas-causing foods in your system through the digestive process, and it makes it harder for your intestines to contract in a way that gasses you up. The more your intestines contract to move food the more gas you get.

2. Swallow less air.

Taking big gulps of water, swallowing air, drinking fizzy drinks, chewing gum, talking while eat all leads to more gas. So it best to avoid these things while one is all gassed up.

3. Get up and walk around.

Exercise clears up painful gas and bloating, and even a simple walk around the room would be enough to ease your pain as it boosts the intestines’ muscle activity.

Exercise helps exercise one's intestines as well according to Dr. Wakim-Fleming says.

4. Dairy: The culprit

As we age our body makes less lactase, an enzyme that breaks down lactose, the sugar in dairy products. When our digestive system’s bacteria tries to break down lactose without enough lactase to do the job, we end up feeling the painful symptoms of gas.

If one thinks dairy is the culprit behind gas then it is best to cut it out for a few days or weeks to feel comfort.

5. Have some peppermint capsules, tea.

Peppermint is a spasmolytic and helps your intestines from spasming too much which creates more gas.

It isn't necessary to take peppermint in a particular form, so one is free to pick whichever form is at hand.

6. Get comfy with a blanket and a heating pad.

This actually helps with gas, because warmth has an antispasmodic effect on your body and help your intestines to relax instead of contract too hard or too much, which reduces the pain.

7. Don't forget to eat lots of fiber.

Fiber is not on very healthy but also helps your digestive system, it bulks up the stool which prevents constipation.

But fiber needs to be eating in the right portions as too much can also make you gassy.

Hope these tips help you get around trapped wind this holiday season.

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