Adopt a dog to stay healthy and motivated

Adopting dogs always have had a positive impact on the well being of the owners and their family members.

Humans are social animals who yearn for companionship. Dogs are man’s best friend; believed and witnessed by all. Dogs have the superpower to reduce stress and depression. Psychologists, counsellors, researchers have always encouraged people to adopt dogs. As reported by TheGuardian, a Swedish study suggests that adopting a dog can significantly help in reducing heart ailments.

A dog is like your own baby and they become an integral part of your family and makes you feel complete. It never fails to assume you with its naughty behaviour and act all protective about you with its instinct.

According to researchers, adopting dogs have a positive impact on the well-being of the dog owners and their family members. Elaborate studies have proved that it has immensely benefitted people who are loners or prefer to lead a seduced life. Suggested by Tove Fall, an epidemiologist and the lead author of this latest study that “It seems that a dog can be a substitute for living with other people in terms of reducing the risk of dying,”

The daily walks will not only help you maintain fitness and strength of your bellowed pet but will also help you remain active and motivated. Spending some quality time with your dog after a hectic day is sure to attract positive energy. Doctors truly believe that dogs can help to dissipate stress, elevate your mood, thereby helping to keep heart ailments at bay.

Stay healthy, stay motivated, adopt a dog.

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