Here are 5 foods to beat depression

To safeguard mental health by preventing and curing inflammation of brain due to depression, nutrition is key, say experts.

Severe depression is linked with inflammation in the brain. To safeguard mental health by preventing and curing inflammation, nutrition is key.

Exercise, relationships, sleep can be looked well into if the limbic system (emotion center) is nourished well with anti-inflammatory and health promoting foods which should be consumed on a daily basis.

All research leads to only one guideline, which states that one ought to control inflammation in the body to avoid depression and diseases.

An inflamed brain and body can be the on-set of depression.

We have listed 5 foods that would not only prevent depression, but also help you get rid of habitually popping those temporary feel-good serotonin anti-depressant pills.

So get ready to hit the grocery store every weekend to indulge in some calming foods to heal and recharge the brain. The relationship between the gut and the brain is the most important factor to heal a broken brain.

Dark leafy greens: spinach, kale, fenugreek, salad leaves prevent normal cells to reach the toxicity level preventing brain damage and safeguard the rest of the body from cancer or other chronic illnesses. Chock-full of vitamins like A, C, E, K, iodine, magnesium and rich in phytonutrients, these save our brains every day. Pro andPre- biotics in these leafy greens help the gut get nourished and heal the brain simultaneously. A daily intake of these nutrient dense greens in most meals would be a no brainer.

Fruits: Specially apples with all its fiber, iron and loads of anti-oxidants heals the body on a cellular level. An apple a day keeps the doctor and psychiatrist away. Diabetic patients can consume an apple daily as it is a low GI fruit. All other fruits also help with vitamins and minerals and natural sugars which keep other supporting organs functioning well.

Seeds: Don’t underestimate these mighty sources of vegan and vegetarian omega 3 fatty-acids. The good fat from seeds help absorb the protective nutrients when eaten along with fruits and vegetables, without the nutrients getting simply flushed out of our bodies. Thus supporting brain function as well as preventing Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Walnuts: Nature even made it look like the brain. Our brain is made up of 80% fat, no wonder this mood enhancer should be high on priority when picking nuts as a snack or as a morning routine for kids and adults. One of the richest nuts in omega - 3 fatty acids, walnuts support brain function and reduce symptoms of depression.

Onions: A simple man’s food is also a sick man’s food. The anti-oxidant properties of onions makes the poorest to the richest heal from cellular damage. Traditionally eaten with every meal, onions reduce the risk of cancer and supports happy moods. Depression can make anyone feel sad and neglected. A natural mood enhancer, onions can prevent and cure depression.

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