Deepavali Detox

First came the Deepavali indulgence and then the comfort food binge with the onset of rainy weather, and now everyone's in detox mode

As lockdown eased and some sort of normalcy crept in, Deepavali needed to be celebrated. Everyone put on their best designer wear and fancy festive sweets were exchanged. Home bakers, top hotels and international bakery hampers made it to homes as everyone was in a mood to celebrate. A quick look at some of the influencers and socialite social media accounts shows that there were about 150 to 200 exclusive hampers that made the rounds in the city apart from the regular mithai box from the neighbour or a long-time friend.

With all the calorie-intake, everyone’s now off on detox breaks. Shweta Ravi of Adyar Ananda Bhavan says, “Deepavali has truly been a celebration this year at our home. We also welcomed my twins and there was a lot of festivity. Post all the celebration we are all in detox mode because Christmas is just around the corner.”

Vimmi Deepak, socialite who loves her health-trips, says, “I am on a detox to prepare for the season ahead. After all the sugar rush, we are all on inflammation-reducing juices and grain-free diets. I am off on a holiday to a beautiful resort where naturopathic practices are combined with a healthy diet.”

The popular destination for detox resorts for Chennai folk seems to be Bengaluru’s Jindal, Saukya and the Santani resort in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Rachna Kumar, a gourmet consultant, says, “Jindal or nature cure as many know it is amazing for detox. I’ve always come back feeling healthier and also it has aided my weight-loss goals. There is nothing more important than having conversations with your own body and responding to its needs. Jindal allows me the space to rejuvenate and also repair all the damage done by pollution and stress.”

Santani is the most sought-after stressbuster destination spa in Kandy, it being in such close proximity to Chennai. Lifestyle coach and educationist Shree Vidhya says, “I like chilling at Santani. Their visiting masters combined with their exceptional hatha yoga sessions are perfect to instantly bounce back to a normal healthy routine. Post festivals I check in and allow myself to rejuvenate.” A holistic wellness sanctuary can improve your perspectives on health and your own body image, says Shree Vidhya.

Santani’s suggestions during the wellness stay:

  • Spicy drumstick soup with roasted jack seeds
  • Indian pennyworth and bulgur salad with tamarillo and grapefruit salsa
  • Crunchy banana blossom salad with shredded coconut and tamarind dressing
  • Young coconut, passionfruit and basil detox juice
  • Healing and calming smoothie of almonds, vanilla, dates and black chia seeds.
  • Deep-cleansing smoothie with lemon, lime, chilli, ginger and kithul (a plant from the palm family) treacle
  • Blood-cleansing and liver detox juice with wheatgrass, green apple and ginger
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