Working out too much can kill your sex drive

Men should not work out more than four to six hours in a week

Men who like being fit and visit the gym regularly are in for a rude shock as it might get you the girls but actually damage your sex life. Constantly exercising to build your muscles and get a better body can put your relationship in danger. A new study says that too much time in the gym reduced the libido and will leave many women unhappy in bed.

According to a report in the Independent, the researchers from the University of North Carolina found that too much of exercise can actually harm your body by decreasing libido. The men who did lower intensity exercises were seven times more likely to have a normal or higher sex drive than those with higher intensity workouts. Intense exercise can cause a condition called “exercise hypogonadal male condition” where the testosterone hormone and luteinizing hormone are suppressed. Excessive exercise can also cause fatigue both physically and mentally which may lead to lack of interest and desire in sex.

While it is commonly known that exercise actually boosts testosterone levels, working out more than 10 hours per week can affect sexual drive of most men. The ideal gym time should be anywhere between four to six hours per week to maintain a normal or high libido for a good sex life.

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