Find signs whether mum is expecting boy or girl

From when a baby was conceived to where the father works, we list signs which hint at baby's gender.

Well, if you are en route the mummy way, there are signs which could reveal if a pregnant woman is expecting a boy or a girl.

There are minute signs that give clues to the sex of a child.

When it comes to the sex of the baby, you may want to look to where he or she was conceived.

According to a global survey, more girls are born in the tropics than anywhere else in the world.

Researchers think that this could be connected to melatonin levels, which changes the reproductive system of some animals.

Experts also opine that the scorching temperatures may alter sperm.

The study further finds that a partner’s career could also have an impact on the baby’s gender. Dads working in high-stress jobs, or in jobs that involve a lot of pollutants are more likely to have daughters to sons.

These include professional drivers, high-performance pilots and flour mill workers.

The study also states that women over the age of 35 and blokes over 40 are more likely to have girls, because a man's sperm deteriorates as he gets older and ladies' hormones change.

After conceiving, sever morning sickness could also be a sign that one is having a girl - as a study showed 55 per cent of those who suffered went on to have daughters.

This can be traced back to the fact that high levels of female sex hormone oestrogen cause nausea.

Also, couples who already have kids are more likely to add a little girl to their brood as pregnancies increase levels of the hormone gonadotrophin.

When it comes to boys, women are more likely to have a male baby if they're feeling stressed when they fall pregnant.

While experts are not completely certain, it's thought that stress leads to higher levels of cortisol and male sex hormone testosterone - which makes it easier for male sperm to penetrate the egg.

Furthermore, would-be-mothers who eat more calories are also more likely to have a boy.

Living situations too have an impact on sex of baby as research found that you're more likely to have a boy if living with your partner, especially if you've shared a home for less than a year.

Some experts say regular sex gives male sperm an advantage, because you're more likely to sleep together at the start and end of the fertility window - when the lighter male swimmers have an upper hand.

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