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  Life   Health  22 Jun 2017

Life, Health, 22 Jun 2017

Teenagers may be naturally wired to wake up late: study

People's circadian systems synchronise with light and darkness in the environment, giving rise to chronotypes.

22 Jun 2017 7:32 PM

Young kitten dreams of mealtime

Baymax, the shorthair's video of purring and dreaming while asleep goes viral

22 Jun 2017 6:50 PM

Weighty issues in marriage

Study says married men tend to put on some extra kilos

22 Jun 2017 6:04 PM

17-year-old gets cured by innovative treatment, but loses memory

Pioneering treatment reduces grape-sized tumor but leaves girl with loss of memory

22 Jun 2017 4:17 PM

Being intimate at 60 helps brain function better

Study suggests sexagenarians stay sharper at old age if they are regularly having intercourse with partners.

22 Jun 2017 3:43 PM


Money ain't all that good!

Currency notes contain a range of bacteria and viruses say new study

22 Jun 2017 2:32 PM

Pedal your way to office for a stress-free life

Governments are increasingly promoting non-motorized alternative modes of transport due to concerns of traffic and pollution.

22 Jun 2017 10:27 AM

People going to bed after 3am have less control over OCD symptoms

Do you suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder?

22 Jun 2017 9:46 AM

Exhaustion of immune cells linked to irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome can takes a real toll on patients.

22 Jun 2017 9:04 AM