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Morning workouts are the best!

Published : Jan 22, 2018, 12:14 am IST
Updated : Jan 22, 2018, 12:14 am IST

Fitness enthusiasts and experts weigh in the pros and cons of working out during the day and night. We find out what works best...

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 A file picture used for representational purposes only.

Some youngsters prefer morning workouts and some prefer working out in the evenings or late at night. But, which is better? At what time of day is it the best to lose those pounds? Both times of the day have their own pros and cons.  However, experts are of the opinion that mornings are the best to workout and lose those extra pounds. 

This youngster feels that diet and exercise play a crucial role in burning those extra pounds. Akshay Kumar, who is a sales professional says, “In the morning,  fat burning hormones like leptin and cortisol are very active, and so is the metabolism of the body. This  helps in shedding kilos a lot faster. I also think it’s important to reduce the intake of food at night – by following a zero calorie diet and sticking to a high protein diet during the day. I have experienced massive change by following this routine.”


Dhananjay AbrolDhananjay Abrol

On the other hand, Dhananjaya Abrol who is a student  says, “Working out early in the morning, before breakfast,  is always better  if you are looking at reducing weight, because  when you are on an empty stomach., it’s easier for the body to shed calories. The body does not have to burn the extra calories of your lunch or breakfast.”

Clearly, there’s an upper vote for morning workouts. But many also feel blowing off some steam at the gym after the sun sets, is a good idea. This city-based youngster feels that the calories accumulated during the day can be burnt off at night. Suraj Rajput says, “Whether one needs to working out in the morning or at night is a personal choice. Personally, I prefer working out at night as the calories that we have piled on all throughout the day can be slashed at the gy towards the end of the day. Working out in the night has helped me relax and sleep better.”


City-based fitness trainer Lukose James says, “I feel that the best time to burn fat is in the morning as you tend to burn more fat. The reason is because, in the morning, the blood sugar level is low and the body is forced to look for other energy sources. Hence, it converts reserved fat to fuel. Hormones are high in the morning, making you burn fat more in the process.”

Working out in the morning has its own set of benefits. Nutritionist Sushma Jaiswal says, “Exercising in the morning is the best as the blood circulation increase and keeps the person energised throughout the day. People who prefer to exercise outdoor like running, jogging, swimming and the like; morning is better as all the pollution, dust and smoke has settled down – the air is fresher as compared to evenings. The sunrays in the morning offer large amounts of Vitamin D, which is great for the body in general.


But, for people who cannot workout during the day then night exercising is better. “I think it’s better to exercise in the evening than not workout at all,” signs off Sushma Jaiswal.

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