Fill in those contours!

With the V3 face lift, you won't have to spend hours learning how to contour and highlight your face to look youthful!

The V3 lift with fillers is a non surgical lift with youthful enhancements that produces stunning results. Universally, women desire certain areas of the face to be contoured and highlighted. The makeup techniques employed use highlighters to project and enhance certain bony prominences such as the temples, cheekbones, angle of the jaw and chin.

On the profile, this highlighting projects a number '3' from the temple to the jawline. From the front the oval or 'V' shape is enhanced also by this highlighting.

The V3 lift achieves the 'V' and the '3' with the help of fillers to naturally enhance and project the areas of the face for a harmonious, youthful and glamorous looking lift.

The process of ageing also not only involves loss of precious collagen but also absorption of bone in those particular regions that results in things moving southward. The oval or 'V' shaped face that was a symbol of youth becomes more of an inverted V or triangle with the lower face around the jawline looking heavier than the upper and mid face.

Who does it: People who want to enhance their beauty by projecting certain areas. These fillers can also be used to enhance and make the lips look fuller, sharpen noses, enhance high cheek bones or to chisel and sculpt a round face to lookmore oval or heart shaped which is more desirable. People who experience sagging, folds, loss of volume and youthfulness too can make use of these fillers.

Procedure: After an initial consultation one can analyse what areas in the face need lifting and enhancement with fillers or non surgical facelift with ultrasound technology or both. The treatments are discussed, planned and scheduled in a way that achieves best and natural looking results. Roughly the amount of filler in a syringe one needs is equivalent to the number of decades of age of a person. So a 30-year-old may need 3 ml filler whilst a 50-year -old may need a 5 ml filler for the 'V3 lift.

Dos and Donts: It is important follow post treatment instructions given by your doctor, follow up with your doctor and approach them for any side effects you may experience like bruising, swelling, pain, lumps that you may not understand or are concerned about.

Don't apply makeup for atleast 24 hours post treatment or massage, touch the area too much for fear of causing infection. Don't indulge in sauna, hot baths and tanning beds. Avoid alcohol for upto 72 hours post filler and avoid sleeping on the side of the filler for atleast 24 hourspost treatment.

Cost: The price varies from person to person. It largely depends on the amount of filler needed as per the age of the person.

The writer is a dermatologist. Disclaimer: Always check with a cosmetic surgeon before going ahead with this procedure.

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