Cancer survivor may never smile again due to nerve damage

A rare brain cancer left the 11-year-old with nerve damage that doctors say may not be reversed.

Surviving cancer at a young age of just 11 is itself a battle, and it can be an experience akin to going through hell. But the aftermath of cancer can also leave people with consequences that can significantly alter their way of life.

An 11-year-old boy from England battled cancer for years to beat the disease after surgery and chemotherapy. But while there is the joy of Daniel Lord surviving the struggle, his mother is devastated as he might never be able to smile due to the nerve damage in his face.

His mother says she will miss his beautiful smile and hopes it comes back, but also mentioned that she is happy he has survived the rare brain cancer. Surgeons are unsure about reversing nerve damage since the cancer he was diagnosed with is common.

The cancer involved Daniel’s nerves being pressed and that impacting his speech and eyes. He is now getting speech therapy that encourages him to move his muscles more.

Meanwhile his family and friends are running campaigns to raise funds for taking Daniel to a vacation of a lifetime for Christmas.

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