Men should be concerned about a curved penis as it may be linked to cancer

A curved penis may signal towards Peyronie's disease which is a condition that is linked to various cancers.

Men around the world keep looking for ways to have a bigger penis and try everything from medication to bizarre devices on the market. But while repeated studies have pointed out that size doesn’t really make a difference, do people really pay attention to the shape of their penis and what it may mean?

Doctors seem to suggest that men should be concerned about how their penis is shaped even though one’s member curving with age is a natural process. It seems that this change in shape may be the sign of a disease which is connected to cancer.

The harmless reason for a curved penis is the difference in size of two tubes which fill up with blood during an erection and the skin on the organ affects the shape. Since the skin gets loose with age, the curve looks more prominent.

But a curve can also be a result of a disorder called Peyronie’s disease which affects seven percent of all men. This condition has been linked with a risk of different cancers like testicular, stomach and melanoma.

Men with the condition should get screening as Peyronie’s disease can occur when a scar tissue prevents a straight erection. While it may be genetic, injuries may also play a part in some cases.

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