Boy sleeps for two weeks due to mysterious condition

Doctors were able to help him wake up after giving medication meant to prevent seizures but the boy didn't show any seizure like symptoms.

Mysterious conditions can leave people with mind boggling effects as cases of people suffering physical defects have often brought out. Life can be extremely difficult for people who find it hard to sleep, but what happens when someone just can’t wake up for days.

Severn-year-old Wyatt Shaw was a healthy child until he went to sleep after being a ring bearer for his uncle’s wedding. His mother tried waking him up the next day but he went back to sleep after briefly regaining consciousness.

Wyatt only woke up two weeks later with limited mobility and doctors are still clueless about what induced the 11 day long slumber. While his mother first thought that the wedding left him exhausted, doctors tested Wyatt for everything from parasites to bacteria but found nothing.

Doctors gave Wyatt medication which is used to prevent seizure and the drug caused him to wake up. It is still unclear if he experienced seizure symptoms since scans showed normal brain waves.

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