Healing through fitness

Mickey Mehta, the man behind shaping up Bollywood divas like PC and Bipasha Basu, says you don't have to seek life's permission to constantly glow.

Dr Mickey Mehta — one of the most well known holistic health and fitness trainers in the country — was never interested in studies as a child; he found them boring and gruelling. He never understood the theory of accounts, and words were difficult for him to deal with — his calling was beyond the confines of his school books.

Since his childhood, Mickey realised his passion to heal the world through fitness. He preferred a way of life that welcomed mingling with natural elements and a positive state of mind, that led him to attain happiness. The main tools that helped him achieve his vision of holistic health are yoga, meditation and natural nutrition.

“Learning and meeting people adds a sense of happiness and accomplishment. When you bring about smiles on people’s faces through happy and healthy living, you feel your aim is achieved,” says the 56-year-old fitness guru, who feels the position of being a wellness personality is a matter of responsibility. “You have to lead with an example. It is a matter of primary interest to be well and healthy. You have to make choices of life that are sensible, intelligent and ethical,” adds the fitness coach.

Mickey’s idea of holistic health is simple: Leading a progressive life that moves towards evolution, health, healing, and being ailment free. “Just get Mickeymized,” he quips, adding, “There will be low days, but you don’t have to seek life’s permission to constantly glow. Letting your life feel illuminated is what I call living a healthy life.”

A philosopher to his clients and author to his fans, Mickey is also the man behind shaping up B-town divas like Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Preity Zinta, Sunny Leone, Lara Dutta and Bipasha Basu, among others. When asked if his experience differs while working with a celebrity, the coach says that celebrities are normal people as well, and are passionate about what they do. “At times, because of their schedules, there are difficulties to work on their time. But some are very professional. There is a fair exchange of energy, and it’s a great learning experience from both ends,” he says.

In his illustrious career of over three decades, Mickey has earned several awards and has championed the idea of learning swimming in 24 hours, which put him in the Limca Book of World Records. He has also authored several books on fitness and wellness.

Mickey, an advocate of yoga and equipment-free workouts, spends most of his time working out and meditating. Courtesy his sporty personality, the fitness junkie also enjoys swimming, taking massages, and playing chess, table tennis, and basketball. Apart from this, writing books and participating in radio shows keeps him busy most of the time.

He explains that he lives an experimental life, and he learns from it all the time. “Self learning is the best way. I learn, practice and grow to live intelligently and practically. I love spending time with nature, and there is a lot of learning there,” he reveals.

Championing holistic health and life, the coach believes it is important to find balance in a life of extremes. “Life is full of polarities, and the outcome of that is stress.

Very rarely they can compliment each other. We have a lot of demands from life because too much is expected out of us, so one has to find balance,” Mickey shares, and advises that one should find time for recreation, laughter, prayer, exercise, sleep, and spending time with their own people.

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