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  Life   Health  18 Apr 2018

Life, Health, 18 Apr 2018

Why young adults need to learn cooking

Opportunities to develop cooking skills by adolescents may result in long-term benefits for nutritional well-being

18 Apr 2018 5:08 PM

Work blues are not so bad, new study claims

The authors noted that anxiety is a growing issue for workplaces.

18 Apr 2018 4:27 PM

Some human cancers 'evolutionary accidents', say scientists

Humans are not the only species affected by cancer; in fact, only a few primitive animals are thought to escape the disease.

18 Apr 2018 3:48 PM

New study explores anesthesia's affect on kids' IQ

Those with multiple exposures to anesthesia had modest declines in fine motor skills.

18 Apr 2018 3:01 PM

HIV vaccine closer to reality: Single jab protects monkeys for 18 weeks

Scientists are edging closer to a long-term preventative HIV vaccine, new research suggests.

18 Apr 2018 2:10 PM


Diabetes could affect muscle health: Study

Regular exercise could reduce the risk.

18 Apr 2018 2:04 PM

Researchers explain chemotherapy's impact on fertility

They are also trying to develop ways to preserve oocytes of female cancer patients treated with chemotherapeutics.

18 Apr 2018 1:34 PM

Taking this diabetes drug might not lower death risk

Here is what a new study has found.

18 Apr 2018 1:07 PM

Avoid these 5 food items to stop staining teeth

Acids eat away at tooth enamel and expose little holes in it, making it look more like the surface of a sponge and causes staining.

18 Apr 2018 10:36 AM

Study finds poor air quality linked to cardiac illnesses in people

Study finds within day of being exposed to dense smoke, emergency room visits for heart attacks and other cardiac events rose by 15 pc.

18 Apr 2018 8:29 AM


Study finds intermittent fasting may help lose weight

There are several kinds of intermittent fasting prevalent among diet conscious people.

18 Apr 2018 8:02 AM