Man who live streamed son's birth in hospital loses case in court

The man filed a case against all the media outlets for using the video without his permission

Social media has become the best place to share everything about your life and while many post everything some even use Facebook Live feature to stream life events. In a bizarre incident, a man thought he was shooting his wife’s labour normally on his phone before he realised he was actually live streaming it to thousands of people on the internet which eventually led to a big issue.

According to a report in Arstechnica, Kali Kannongata filed a case after many media outlets used the video for the morning show and various other shows without permission. After many media outlets fought the case in court, they proved that the use of video content for news purposes is not an infringement of the Copyright Act and that they had used the clip in ‘fair use’. Media outlets like Good Morning America and ABC news website fought the case along with ABC, NBC and Yahoo but the lawsuit against CBS and Microsoft was dropped early last November.

While initially Kannongata fought about using the video without permission, he later agreed that it was probably the first time Facebook Live had been used for pregnancy. ABC however said that they had used the video to “Enable viewers to understand and form an opinion about the couple's actions." The video has now been taken down after the case was closed.

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