Girl born with large tongue smiles again after surgery

Parents of Aparajit from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh were helpless yet determined to save their daughter.

Jabalpur: Several cases of birth defects have been reported in the past few years from India among which children suffering from skin disorders and conditions that gave them a wolf like appearance are still struggling for treatment. Now another such shocking incident has been reported where the child had a disorder that almost caused her death.

Aparajit Lodhi was born in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh with a rare congenital disease called Macroglossia which means the baby girl had an unusually large tongue. The situation was grave since the tongue was swelling so big that it could choke Aparajit to death.

The parents were terrified and helpless but at the same time determined to save the child as they weren’t able to do much despite seeing her in pain and hungry. Aparajit was kept alive on breathing apparatus for four days, as doctors came to the rescue.

The tongue was found to have a big tumour which took the doctors two hours to remove as the girl was finally able to swallow after the operation successfully reduced her tongue size. They said that she wasn’t able to swallow anything inside the womb as well because of this condition.

The mother Mini Lodhi was relieved and excited to finally be able to nurse her child after four days spent worrying for her. She was happy to experience the bliss of motherhood thanks to the successful surgery.

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