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  Life   Health  16 Aug 2017

Life, Health, 16 Aug 2017

Twitter can help track public health: study

Researchers studied 171 million tweets.

16 Aug 2017 6:20 PM

Insomnia in old people isn't cured by shock therapy for depression

Therapy includes a short, controlled burst of electricity to the brain via electrodes placed on the scalp.

16 Aug 2017 6:01 PM

Doctor tells woman having more sex can help her with period pain

Intercourse releases growth hormones which leads to higher elasticity in the skin.

16 Aug 2017 5:45 PM

Cancer patients have more risk of heart attacks post diagnosis

Study shows diagnosis of cancer is associated with more than doubling risk of stroke as it increases risk of blood clots.

16 Aug 2017 4:32 PM

Man drives 20 km to hospital with nail in his heart

Doug decided not to pull it out as he had seen Steve Irwin die after pulling out a stingray's stinger from his heart.

16 Aug 2017 3:54 PM


Less sleep may increase diabetes risk in children: study

Sleep duration was also inversely related to insulin resistance and blood glucose.

16 Aug 2017 1:08 PM

Rare condition leaves 13-year-old looking like a toddler

Angus can't speak and wears clothes made for 3-year-olds but he has devised his own sign language to communicate.

16 Aug 2017 11:43 AM

Running during teenage years keeps dementia at bay later

Study says people who run in their teens are far less likely to develop dementia later in their lives.

16 Aug 2017 11:43 AM

Breast cancer drug ups IVF success in older women

According to research one in five women who used the treatment were able to have a baby using their own eggs

16 Aug 2017 11:06 AM

Too much of stress results in less lactation in women

Mental and physical stress, and separation from baby for prolonged time has a direct impact on the breast milk production in mothers.

16 Aug 2017 9:39 AM


Binge-watching television leads to fatigue, poor sleep in young adults, says study

According to researchers binge-watchers have 98 per cent higher likelihood of having poor sleep quality.

16 Aug 2017 8:31 AM

A new stem cell therapy may help promote hair growth

Researchers found that hair follicle stem cell metabolism is different from other cells of the skin.

16 Aug 2017 8:18 AM

Risk of rheumatoid arthritis more in certain jobs

According to study occupations within the manufacturing sector are associated with an increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

16 Aug 2017 7:54 AM