Sex for this long in a day will make you have a better sex life

Having sex for a few minutes leads to distinterest but continuing it for longer makes it better

Sex is quite a task for couples where men don’t last long in bed because it barely lasts a few minutes. A new research says that to have a good sex life couples need to at least have sex for a good amount of time that is more than the usual few minutes.

According to a report in the GQ, the average time a couple should spend indulging in "intravaginal ejaculation latency time" is 45 minutes. The time is quite a lot in times like today for any couple but it should certainly be the goal if not just the main act of penetration. The main area to work on during this time is the warm-up to sex, rather than just having sex. Men do not have to ejaculate or do the work for the build-up so it makes easier for it to last longer. Foreplay for a long time makes sex all the more better than people think and tend to underestimate it to get to the main act sooner than it should be.

The effort involved will make both the man and the woman happy even if it doesn’t last for the whole 45 minutes like initially planned. The partners will end up being appreciative and look forward to sex even the next time.

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