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Study claims selfies may cause epileptic fit

Published : Jun 15, 2017, 6:07 pm IST
Updated : Jun 15, 2017, 6:07 pm IST

New study sees spiked brain activity from bright flash caused while taking selfie

Study claims that selfie flash can casue epilectic seizures (Photo: Pixabay)
 Study claims that selfie flash can casue epilectic seizures (Photo: Pixabay)

Let’s face it, we all love taking selfies nowadays! But wait! A new study claims that the camera flashes on selfies may cause epileptic seizures. Case-in-point, a selfie-taking teen had seizure like spikes in her brain activity after snapping a bright photo of herself.

Canadian doctors determine that most likely she had a photosensitivity response to the flash from the phone.

The study determined that those with photosensitive epilepsy can have seizures caused by bright flash. They have called it a ‘selfie-epilepsy’.

This is the latest allegation against selfies. In the past, experts said the act could cause wrinkles due to the phone's radiation and self-image issues.

However, it is a rare kind of epilepsy making up only three percent of cases. People with this condition suffer from seizures triggered by flashing light, natural light and even visual patterns. It is most commonly found in children and disappears as one slowly grows older.

However, the study admitted that the conclusions were mainly derived from one isolated case and as such there needed to be a larger study conducted to determine if selfies could be a trigger for all patients with photosensitivity issues.

Earlier dentists had blamed selfies for a rise in ‘dental dysmorphia’, which unfortunately turned out to a myth caused by distorted photos. Selfies have earlier also been accused of causing wrinkles

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