Here are the reasons people should sleep naked

Study says, sleeping naked has a range of health-boosting benefits that range from increasing fertility to reducing stress.

According to a new study, sleeping naked is something that should not be confined to a warm evening. It turns out that it has a range of health boosting benefits that range from increasing male virility to reducing stress. Leaving that ‘extra baggage’ it seems can just make life a bit easier.

Maintaining body temperature: The study which was conducted by the Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute claimed that there is a direct link between insomnia and poor body temperature regulation. The reason, according to the study, people keep on waking up at night is because of getting overheated.

However, by getting rid of clothes, the body can maintain its own temperature better.

Combating heart disease: Researchers from University of Warwick have found that people who sleep less at night are more prone to a pre-diabetic condition called incident-impaired fasting glycaemia where the body is not able to produce enough glucose. The condition is a precursor to developing type 2 diabetes and they also have a higher risk of heart disease and strokes.

It helps combat heart disease.

Increases sperm quality: A 2015 study found out that men who want to start a family should sleep naked. According to them, men who wore loose boxer shorts and slept naked had sperm quality that was 25 less damaged than those who wore tight pants.

Stress buster: According to sleep expert Neil Robinson, who spoke to Huffington Post, said that sleeping naked helps decrease cortisol, increases growth hormone and balances melatonin, all of which work to reduce sleep levels.

Less clothes means more happy: A 2014 study found that couples who slept naked claimed to be happier together. This 57 percent was in comparison to the 48 percent who slept in pyajamas, 43 percent in nighties and 38 percent in onesies.

Good for skin: Sleep expert Neil Robinson had also told Huffington post that sleeping naked improves circulation and keeps skin healthier.

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