Mindfulness can help you lead a better sex life

Synchronised breathing exercises can help improve intimacy in couples

Couples are always looking to make their sex lives better through various methods but doctors say it nothing will work if they aren’t mindful. Therapists say that couples need to be mindful while having sex and not get distracted as that spoils the moment and intimacy between both partners.

According to a report in the Independent, if couples want to have better sex or are having trouble with their sex lives, it is time they turn to be mindful. It may seem simple but researchers and experts are counting on couples being aware of oneself and their surroundings while having sex to add a little more passion than the last time. Being mindful also helps couples be less stressed and help them deal with problems like depression when they are at home. Mindfulness will also help couples get more intimate with each other when both partners are involved in the act together without being distracted.

Mindfulness is also being used in sex therapy by specialists to help couples have a better sex life at home. Therapists also tell couples that mindfulness can be achieved when couples individually do yoga in the form of breathing exercises. The breathing exercises can be done alone but synchronised breathing helps build a bond and intimacy among couples that helps them lead better sex lives.

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