Avocado is a superfood that can boost health

Best for salads and high-heat cooking, it has a subtle nutty taste and an avocado aroma.

It’s interesting to see how avocados are quietly making an entry into our salads and sides. Dietary guidelines around the world recommend avocado or butter fruit for its fabulous qualities. Native to Central America, a large number of types are grown in India too. They are yellow-green to maroon or purple in colour and are somewhat the size and shape of a pear. The skin is thin and the pulp when ripe is light yellow, with a pleasant, creamy, smooth texture and a delicious, nutty flavor.

Just split it open, discard the inedible seed and scoop out its butter-like goodness — either raw or flavored with pepper, salt or sugar.

Avocado contains more proteins than any other fruit and contains up to 25 per cent fat. It is also a good source of B-complex vitamins and Vitamin A, minerals and phytochemicals such as lutein, phenolic antioxidants, and phytosterols associated with numerous potential health benefits.

It is a medium energy dense fruit because it contains about 80 per cent water and dietary fiber. Unlike other fruits, avocados are low in sugar. They make for a nutrient and phytochemical dense food that is easy to fall in love with.

Few clinical studies have shown that consuming avocado helps support heart health as well. Adding an avocado a day to a healthy diet will also help you lower harmful LDL cholesterol levels.

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