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  Life   Health  12 Nov 2019

Life, Health, 12 Nov 2019

Breakthrough: Scientists engineer virus to kill all types of cancer

This cowpox-style virus is would be injected directly to the tumour, causing it to explode.

12 Nov 2019 1:52 PM

Women who attain menopause before 40 at risk of heart disease

Early menopause may raise the risk of cardiovascular issues: Study.

12 Nov 2019 11:41 AM

Nanoparticles can identify deadly microbes on medical equipment

Study finds way to make medical equipment infection-free.

12 Nov 2019 11:20 AM

US sees drop in over cholesterol levels

Cholesterol levels dropping in US, but many still need care.

12 Nov 2019 11:10 AM

Bariatic surgery can help prevent strokes in patients

Weight-reduction surgery may prevent strokes, lengthen lives: Study.

12 Nov 2019 11:00 AM


Children who have more screen time have lower structural integrity

Studies reveal that screen-based media associated with structural differences in brains of young children.

12 Nov 2019 9:51 AM

Severity of depression can increase chances of heart disease and stroke

Studies reveal that strong link found between level of depression and heart disease, stroke.

12 Nov 2019 9:44 AM

Cardiac arrest on weekends has fewer chances of survival

Study says cardiac arrests on weekends are more deadly.

12 Nov 2019 9:34 AM