Woman given just 18 months to live claims cannabis oil cured her brain tumour

She claims that scans started showing improvement after she started using cannabis oil until the tumour disappeared completely.

Although several people have been successfully treated for life threatening diseases by medical science, there are many that remain incurable putting a lot of people at risk. But it seems alternative medicines hold the key to devising an effective diagnosis for some of the most devastating disorders in the world.

49-year-old Lynn Cameron from Scotland was told that she won’t survive more than 18 months due to a brain tumour as chemotherapy had also failed to help. But Lynn decided to conduct her own research on alternative medicine in a bid to defy all odds, and came across cannabis oil in the process.

Lynn claims that each scan after she started using cannabis oil was showing an improvement in her condition until the tumour completely disappeared. She is just one among many patients who reported how the oil was able to help them and change their outlook.

Studies have also indicated that cannabis compounds have displayed the capability to kill some malignant cells in lab tests. But experts have been apprehensive as they say there isn’t any definitive proof to establish the effects of the compounds on cancer in human beings.

Actress Olivia-Newton John’s daughter also stated recently that her mother will use medical marijuana in addition to traditional diagnosis to cure her second breast cancer.

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