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  Life   Health  09 May 2018

Life, Health, 09 May 2018

One gram fish oil a day keeps osteoarthritis pain away

Researchers also found exercise could also help ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

09 May 2018 7:52 PM

Walking may help your chance of becoming pregnant

Here is what a new study has found.

09 May 2018 7:31 PM

Novel drug may help treat hair loss

The only other option available to patients is hair transplantation surgery.

09 May 2018 4:24 PM

Here's what consuming more water does to kidney patients

Here is what a new study has found.

09 May 2018 3:51 PM

HPV vaccines could prevent cervical cancer

Here is what a new study has found.

09 May 2018 2:54 PM


Runny nose that left woman on brink of madness found to be leaking brain fluid

It went on for a long time with headaches and a nasal drip preventing her from working as it even made her contemplate suicide.

09 May 2018 2:30 PM

Irregular periods don't always mean pregnancy

Expert explains some of the factors.

09 May 2018 1:59 PM

Infertility, diabetes, cancer risk high if you microwave food in plastic containers

Scientists have found heating micorwaving food in plastic containers can cause high BP, affect fertility, damage brain functioning.

09 May 2018 1:44 PM

Here's how dementia patients can live a better life

The study also found that demographic factors were not associated with quality of life in people with dementia.

09 May 2018 1:20 PM

Limp handshake could mean you're at risk of a deadly heart attack, says study

Studies show feeble grip may condemn us to prematurely losing our good health and intelligence.

09 May 2018 12:24 PM


Baldness may be cured by drug designed for brittle bone disease

Currently there are only two drugs that can cure baldness and both have side effects while only producing disappointing results.

09 May 2018 12:16 PM

4-step guide to soothing mosquito, tick bites with kitchen ingredients

Most insects that bite are disease free, but that doesn't stop spots they feed from driving us all half-mad with itching and irritation.

09 May 2018 11:30 AM

Cholera vaccination campaign starts in Yemen after year delay: WHO

There have been more than one million suspected cases of cholera in Yemen, and 2,275 recorded deaths since Nov 2016, the WHO says.

09 May 2018 9:04 AM

17 deaths reported in Congo as Ebola outbreak confirmed

It is the ninth time Ebola has been recorded in the central African nation, whose eastern Ebola river gave the deadly virus its name.

09 May 2018 8:29 AM