Doctor operates patient with condom, to remove

The doctor used his prior experience in electrical engineering for the complex process with the cap removal

Surgery is a complex procedure and only doctors can use their instruments correctly to do so. Their skill and composure and something they are known for and is very important in the whole process. In a bizarre incident, a doctor didn’t use his regular instruments but instead a condom to a treat a patient.

According to a report in the Metro, doctors at Lianyungagn Hospital, in Jiangsu Province, East China used a condom to remove a bottle cap from a patient’s stomach. The patient Liu had accidentally swallowed the lid while he was drinking beer with his friends. When he went to the hospital, he was told that his stomach is too full and an operation would be possible. Liu returned the next day but was totally surprised when Dr. Ju Weiping, Chief of gastroenterology told him he would use a condom to remove the cap.

The doctor who was previously an electrical engineer said that his experience would help him with the complex procedure to remove the lid. Liu is now in good health but the he happened to swallow the lid because he was drinking the beer too fast.

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