How cannabis use affects brain

Here's how cannabis affects brain and hormone release.

Washington: A recent analysis has found a dose-response relationship between higher cannabis use and increased risk for schizophrenia, a condition associated with abnormal dopamine synthesis and release in the brain.

In the study published in the journal of Addiction Biology, researchers studied the effects of cannabis on brain neurochemistry, and specifically about its impact on dopamine signaling.

"Regular cannabis use has a profound effect on cortical dopamine function, in particular in relation to the stress response, which is critical for young adults at risk for psychosis. These results highlight the need for further research on the impact of cannabis on brain neurochemistry, especially in populations at risk for psychosis," said the senior author of the study, Romina Mizrahi, MD, PhD, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto.

This latest study's results are important given the global trend to legalise cannabis and the growing evidence of the increased risks for psychosis in vulnerable youth.

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