Live happier by following these steps

Here is what they are.

Life can get busy and hectic.

Often times that can lead to stress and burn out and makes you loose focus on the present.

A study conducted by psychologists Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert of Harvard University found only 50% adults spend their time in the present moment out of the 5,000 participants.

Scientists have also found that we are happiest when we are in the present moment, according to a report by the Times. The state of happiness extended even when people were performing tasks they did not like.

Fully experiencing what is around or in front of us, is the reason the present makes us happy. Practicing to focus on the present will enhance your productivity at work and better your relationships.

Here are the six main steps recommended by the report:

1. Staying in the present: Attempt to focus on what is in front of you. While it may not be easy in the beginning, practise will make perfect.

2. Take a break from technology: It may be a tough ask and a huge challenge. But staying away from your phone and computer for a while will help you relax the mind.

3. Be consciously present: If you are finding it hard to stay on a particular task you don't want to do, give it your full attention for at least 10 minutes as a start. With time giving, practicing being in the present will become a habit.

4. Meditation: Dedicating time to this can help calm and silence the mind. Research has shown with time meditators have a decreased habit of mind wandering.

5. Focus on your breath: This effective practice is about coming back to the present when you get distracted. Counting 10 breaths you take has been shown to help.

6. Experience pleasure to the fullest: Whether you are enjoying a delicious meal or feeling elated about something, research has shown that truly enjoying these moments helps one hold on to the feeling for longer.

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