These habits turn singles off immediately during sex

Texting and broken screens are among other issues

Couples have several things that turn them on while having sex but if it is the first time then there are many people who get turned off at the smallest things. A recent survey revealed what turns singles off the most during sex or on a date and it is quite surprising.

According to a report in the Independent, 75 percent singles admitted that when the opposite person answers a call, it is a major turnoff for them. Girls go a little more into detail and so about 86 percent of them judge a boy when he has a phone with a cracked screen. On the other hand, sex is quicker and totally eliminates the age old rule of not having sex on the first date. More than 48 percent singles are likely to sleep with their date the first time they meet them; however men are three times more like to have one night stands than women to start a relationship.

Technology plays an important role in turn offs because about 66 percent of singles are turned off on when the opposite person texts on their first date. On the other hand, about 64 percent women want more adventure in the room.

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