Chinese man with legs weighing 150 kgs defies doctors

Liu has been fighting against the disease which should've killed him years back.

Beijing: A mosquito bite may seem like an everyday affair, but these are also known fro spreading several life altering and even fatal diseases. Apart from the recent outbreak of zika virus, mosquitoes are also known to spread elephantiasis.

A 20-year-old contracted elephantiasis due to roundworms that entered his body from a mosquito as a child, but is still fighting it out against a disease which should’ve killed him several years back. But the disease has taken its toll as Liu Zhongqui is left with legs weighing 150 kg, same as a giant panda.

Although Liu has given up all hopes of his legs returning to their normal state, he wants to extend his prognosis as the swelling reaches his abdomen and the disease hinders his chances of survival.

This swelling is caused by accumulation of fluids in the affected part of the body due to blockage of the lymphatic system. Liu said that he has visited many provinces in China for a cure and now begs in streets to fund his treatment in hospitals.

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