Vasectomies are no more in style, says study

People getting the snip' are down by 63 percent as men opt to preserve their fertility in case of marriage breakdown.

New figures conducted by the NHS show that the number of men having vasectomies has fallen by two third in 10 years.

Vasectomies are deemed to be a safe and effective form of contraception, but family planning experts are of the opinion that the procedure is being increasingly shunned by men who view then as an ‘irreversible’ lifestyle choice.

Speaking to The Daily Mail Online, Clare Murphy, British Pregnancy Advisory Service said that said many couples were waiting until their late 30s and 40s to have children.

She further went on to add that it may well have implications for the numbers of men seeking vasectomies, as couples want to retain their fertility for longer.

Vasectomies involve severing the tube which carries the sperm to the semen, which in turn prevents them from fertilising a woman’s egg.

However, interestingly, the effects are not immediate as the man will still have sperm in their semen for several months.

It was first carried out a dog in 1823, as part of an experiment, and was not performed on a man until 76 years later.

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