Siberian traffic cop who left job to become Jesus has 5000 followers

Torop calls himself Vissarion and 300 of his followers live in wooden huts in a village around his church.

Godmen have been involved in a lot of controversy in our country and in the recent past the conviction of one such individual led to widespread violence. A lot of cults have surfaced in the past across the world, with blind belief of people in their leader leading to disastrous consequences.

Now a new cult has emerged in Siberia with a former traffic police officer leading people positioning himself as Jesus Christ. With wispy hair, a white cloak and sandals, Sergei Torop is believed to be a reincarnation of Christ by 5000 followers.

The 56-year-old claims to be the founder of the Church of the Last Testament and calls himself Vissarion. His believers follow strict rules which include going vegan and abstaining from smoking, drinking or handling money.

A village has slowly developed around the church as 300 of his followers live there in wooden huts. He lives in a chalet with a wife and six children as he spends his days painting.

His cult has been described as scary by BBC who were told by a follower that girls are prepared to be future brides in a school where they are told not to rise above men. The cult teaches a ten volume sequel to the bible which Vissarion came up with.

The man who served in the army before becoming a traffic cop in Siberia said something suddenly awoke in him and he knew he was the second coming of Christ.

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