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Follow this ABC diet to prevent diabetes

Published : Aug 6, 2019, 6:45 pm IST
Updated : Aug 6, 2019, 6:45 pm IST

Keep an eye on your diet to keep diabetes at bay.

Include more greens and cut out on reds in your diet to prevent diabetes. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)
 Include more greens and cut out on reds in your diet to prevent diabetes. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

A little change in your daily food intake can go a long way in helping you prevent diabetes. Here are a few foods that you should eat and a few you should avoid to keep diabetes at bay-

What to eat:


A rich source of vitamin C and iron, apples are excellent fruits that help in reducing risks of developing diabetes. An easy-to-carry and easy-to- eat fruit, it makes for an ideal snack. An important point to remember is an apple’s skin is rich in antioxidants, so keep the peel on.


Munch on these crunchy gems for a quick fix to your hunger pangs. Almonds come with multiple health benefits- they reduce insulin levels and the susceptibility to heart diseases. Studies have suggested that incorporating these diabetes-friendly nuts wards aids your nutritional intake of magnesium, which in turn increases insulin sensitivity, especially in people with prediabetes.


Beans can be exceptionally efficient in managing blood sugar levels. Multiple studies indicate that consuming beans everyday along with a low-glycemic diet lowers the chances of type 2 diabetes complications. Packed with proteins and fibre, these legumes can be easily added to salads or soups.


The powerhouse of vitamin A, carrots are often known to improve eye health. They are also good sources of fibre, vitamin K1, and potassium. However, what often goes amiss is that they’re loaded with natural sweetness; a property that is beneficial to diabetic. You can incorporate them in your salad, or roast baby carrots in some butter as a side dish.

What to avoid:

Added Sugars

Sugar-loaded foods can instantly spike blood glucose levels. Fruit juices, maple syrups, baked items like croissants and cookies tend to increase the risk of inviting diabetes. Steer away from these by going for their sugar-free versions.


Who doesn’t love a bite of large amounts of salt and saturated fat wrapped as crispy meat? Sadly, the answer has to be a NO when you’re looking at a diet to avoid diabetes. Opt for lean proteins like fish, shellfish or skinless chicken that are lighter and healthier.


According to TasteofHome, corn raises the risk of developing diabetes, with its natural high carb levels owing to its starchiness. The carbs break down into sugar and get quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Keep away from corn products such as cornflakes, corn flour, corn bread etc.

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