Father-daughter duo trying to make India diabetic-friendly for Diwali

To address issue of diabetes, father-daughter duo has started D-Alive, aimed at eliminating disease.

Sarrah Kapasi, 25, is set to make India diabetic-friendly.

Sarrah’s father, M N Kapasi, has had type 1 diabetes since the past 25 years. Over a period of time, his health started deteriorating rapidly due to diabetes, having lots of adverse impacts on his work and within the family.

He took it upon himself to rectify his health and travelled the world to find solutions.

After a lot of reading and R&D on himself, he was able to reverse his health as if it had never worsened.

The father-daughter duo noticed there was a lack of knowledge and awareness about diabetes in the country, and how there were no solutions for people with such needs with businesses selling anything and everything in the name of sugar-free or healthy food alternatives.

Even as diabetes becomes India's fastest growing disease, people are still struggling to bridge the gap of having alternate food and solutions for people with diabetes. Addressing this gap, Sarrah has started India's first holistic wellness solutions provider for diabetes - D-Alive.

The start-up based in Mumbai has just launched with two product categories - Indian sweets and fast acting glucose gels to put an end to dessert deprivation for people with diabetes, especially during festivals. It further plans to launch sauces, salad dressings, yogurts along with accessories like quirky socks, cool kits, etc. in a phased manner.

D-Alive foods and solutions are natural, made out of organic ingredients of the best quality. The team comprises of three founders: Mr. M. N Kapasi, his daughter Sarrah Kapasi, who dons the role of CEO, and Alfiya Attarwala, who manages the entire product development.

Elaborating on the inception of D-Alive, Sarrah Kapasi, Co-founder and CEO said, ”The groundwork for us started only in 2016, but my tryst with diabetes dates back a lifetime. We took our time for getting every aspect right, be it the product R&D, distribution and retail plan, or understanding consumer needs.”

D-Alive made an official entry into the market by launching their first set of product categories – a line of Indian sweets, to put an end to dessert deprivation for people with diabetes, especially during festivals. The four products introduced are: Maai Ka Laddu, Roasted Peanut Laddu, Cashew Pistachio Praline and Energy Paak.

Additionally, they are offering three variants of fast acting Glucose Gels, quick fix for low sugar levels. The gels are known to be the most efficient energy boosters as compared to liquids, powders and tablets. The easy-to-carry pocket size squeeze pouches come in three delicious natural flavors: grape, mango and lemon.

Sarrah added, “We are glad to be officially launching with first set of products just ahead of Diwali which is synonymous with sweets. We are currently in the process of exploring and finalizing more product categories like sauces, salad dressings, yogurts along with a range of accessories like socks, cool kits which will be introduced in a phased manner basis the market sentiments.”

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