A Diwali feast fit for the king

As restaurants and food brands across the city reveal an array of culinary specialties for Diwali, we dig in for some festive cheer.

Though Diwali is primarily a festival of lights, no festivity is complete without food. Whether it’s puri bhaji, shankar pali, chakli or the wide array of sweets, certain dishes just seem to make Diwali even brighter. Keeping this in mind, restaurants from across the city have cooked up new menus and special dishes to make this time of the year extra special. From desi sweet style donuts to full-fledged traditional spreads, restaurants in the city have gone all out for Diwali.

Flavours of indian sweets at MOD
Mad Over Donuts have created a special Diwali box, which tries to incorporate flavours from the favourite sweets of the season. Tarak Bhattacharya, COO of Mad Over Donuts, says, “Our research begins months before Diwali. There’s a lot of R&D that goes behind these boxes of Diwali flavours.”

In the box are nine donuts that have a flavour of traditional Indian sweets. The Motichoor donut, Kaju katli donut, Sonpapdi donut and Gulab Jamun donut are some specialities in this special pack. “Each of these five Indian flavours have been chosen because they are the most popular Diwali sweets. We’ve also kept our classic flavours in the box. We opened up pre-orders way in advance to keep up with the high demand. The feedback to the boxes have been great over the last few days, and we're expecting them to be even better as Diwali approaches,” he adds.

Pataka cocktails at Madeira & Mime:
Powai-based restobar Madeira & Mime have rustled up Diwali pataka cocktails. These cocktails symbolise the firecrackers that are burst during Diwali. Explaining the concept, Prashant Issar, co-founder of Madeira & Mime, says, “Diwali and firecrackers go hand in hand. Through this concept we are trying to task people to not burst crackers. Instead, come and have a cracker shot.”

The team, he explains, sat down together and curated the concept of pataka cocktails, shots and mocktails, specially for Diwali.

The restaurant is offering seven of these cocktails, including Mirchi Bomb, Rocket Hamare Saiyan and Fuljhadi.

“Rocket Hamare Saiyan and Fuljhadi are definitely worth trying,” reccomends Prashant.

Special additions at M.O.M. (Meal of the Moment):
Prateek Bhagchandka, co-founder and CEO of M.O.M. says that they will try their best to ensure that people don’t miss home-cooked food this Diwali. “I know that there are plenty of people who are missing home and family. We, at M.O.M., will try to ensure that they don’t miss ma ki haath ka khana at least,” he smiles.

Keeping the festive season in mind, the brand has come up with a couple of sweets as well. “We have a gajar ka halwa and a seviyan kheer dabba, which we launched recently keeping in mind the fact that Diwali is around the corner. We’ve also launched a pouch format of the bag, that will make it more convenient to carry our food,” adds Prateek.

diet Keto sweets at Food Darzee
Food Darzee, a company that serves freshly made diet food, delivering it to the doorstep, have designed special Keto sweets for the season. Since the special diet involves no carbs, its followers find it rather difficult to satiate their taste buds during festive season.

Anirudh Ganeriwal, the co-founder explains, “We didn’t want our customers to compromise with sweets. So we thought of coming up with an alternative for them, which will delight their taste buds and won’t affect their diet. We curated the idea of keto sweets which are both healthy and tasty.”

They also use artificial sweeteners, as a substitute to sugar, and flax seeds in the puri dough to make their dishes healthy. “Our Cashew Rose Petal Ladoos, made using cashews, fresh cream, and almonds is definitely one of my favourites among the lot,” grins Anirudh.

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