Are eggs good for you?

Move over the debate of who came first: egg benefits, or egg drawbacks?

Eggs. One can only contemplate and marvel at this wonder-food. Known for their amazing protein content, these gems have been coveted as must-haves when it comes to workout diet. They’re filling, and can be experimented with in a number of ways. But they have been debated on, for being high on cholesterol. Good hair, good muscles, good bones, good puns, all check! But?

Why you should say yes to eggs

Eggs can be phenomenally beneficial when it comes to absorbing vitamins.

They contain choline, which helps in protecting us from Alzheimer’s disease.

Egg yolk contains lutein, a substance known for improving eye health.

They’re packed with vitamin B12, which boosts energy levels.

Why you should say no to eggs

They contain saturated fats, which increase cholesterol levels in our blood.

Eating eggs can increase your chances of developing heart disease.

High cholesterol livers can also increase your chances of developing liver cancer.

Excessive protein intake is bad for people having kidney problems.

Eating raw eggs can lead to food poisoning.

The debate

There have been no definitive findings that link eating eggs with increased chances of cardiovascular disease.

The cholesterol content from eggs is not oxidised in our arteries, so it doesn’t do much harm.

Honestly, the best way to reap the benefits of eating eggs is to eat them in moderation. Dietary patterns work in cooperation, so it’s important to consider individual components as well. Your body needs protein, but not too much of it. And, while cholesterol can result in heart disease, it’s not necessary that eggs will be completely messing your health..

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