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What rules OUR TASTE BUDS?

Published : May 1, 2019, 2:26 am IST
Updated : May 1, 2019, 2:26 am IST

From molecular gastronomy to reinventing cuisines, food has changed enormously. However, traditional food is widely appreciated, argue expert chefs.

No matter how modern a person is, he/she will always stay true to his/her roots.
 No matter how modern a person is, he/she will always stay true to his/her roots.

Experiment vs. Tradition
No matter how modern a person is, he/she will always stay true to his/her roots. Similarly, no matter how much we experiment when it comes to cuisine, certain elements will always remain the same such as techniques like marination, pickling, art of baking. You can never replace these traditional techniques

New trends in culinary

Preservation: Salt fermentation, lacto fermented, wine fermentation – fruits, dried fruits, sweet roots and syrups

Minimalism: Less is more
Fuss free tasting

Menu: A fun dining concept that engages patrons to indulge in small plates.

Fresh Pluck: kitchen gardening from home to the fanciest restaurant   

Soul Boul: Easy meal in the bowl concept

Eat drink shop: Experiential dining that allows that patrons to explore other aspects than just food.

Challenges of being a chef

Sustainability of the local produce & ingredients (specially the perishables including poultry, meat, seafood)
Quality manpower (front & back)
Lack of togetherness, feel of healthy competition
Basic authentic knowledge of diner, mutual respect
People prefer days comfort yet experimental & flavorsome

Favourite food
Japanese, regional Indian, Peruvian

Pave of chocolate
Orange segments
Chocolate aero
Chocolate soil
Passion fruit sorbet

Pave of chocolate
Guanaja chocolate 70% 200 gm
Whipped cream 300gm
Passion fruit puree 50ml
Cocoa butter (for spray) 100gm
Guanaja chocolate 70% (for spray) 150gm

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler.
Whip the cream till soft peak.
Mix the melted chocolate & cream together in cut & fold method, then pour the mixture in a dome-shaped silicon mould and set it in the freezer for 15 minutes, and keep the left over mixture for further use.
After taking out of the freezer scoop out little bit of the mousse from the middle to make a hollow space with a small round scooper and then pour over the passion fruit puree in that (10-12gm in each) and set in the freezer for 6 hours.
Then seal the dome with the extra mixture and set it the freezer for 1hour.
In the meantime, while it freezes in a double boiler, melt cocoa butter and Guanaja chocolate and pour in a spray gun.
Then after the dome freezes demould and spray to give it a thin layer.

Passion fruit sorbet
Passion fruit puree 500ml
Water 500ml
Ice cream stabilizer 15gm
Breakfast sugar 100gm
Liquid glucose 100gm

Boil water, passion fruit puree and glucose together.
Then add stabilizer and sugar together after the first boil comes and whisk continuously while mixing.
Then take it off the range and bring it to room temperature and churn it in the ice cream churner and scoop it in desired shape and use further.

Present it a manner and serve chilled with a scoop of sorbet.

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