Retro classics reinvented!

This is the year of revivals. We spoke to some designers to figure how to get the trend right!

If you’re the kind to refurbish a look with a smattering of the good ol’ classics, here’s a reason to rejoice. From the traditional Banarasi, which makes a heady comeback and retro-laced bell-sleeves to the ‘90s inspired ruffles; the sartorial message for the year is loud and clear – ‘Tis the year of revivals. We talk to city designers and stylists, who give us sure-fire ways to get it right...

“One of the biggest and trendiest revivals was of the Banarasi brocade in the form of traditional sarees and contemporary straight kurtas. Brocade was re-invented in terms of both colour and design, giving it a new and fresh approach. I believe this trend will garner momentum, in the coming months and for the right reasons. And the best part, all you need to do is find something in a flattering silhouette and you can carry off the look at just about any occasion,” reveals Natasha Tyagi, a city based designer. Divulging how bell-bottoms are most likely to make a comeback, designer Prerana Sarkar adds, “Clearly, this year is going to see a fusion. As designers, the revival phase is certainly going to work in our favour, as it gives us scope to play around myriad textures, patterns and retro style. Apart from monochromes, the hugely popular polka dots and palazzos, I also foresee a rise of the bell-bottoms. And, why not? For the new-age girl likes to play bold. Stick to deeper colours and monotones to not go overboard, though.” Suggesting how the obsession around biker jackets, a ‘90s favourite, is unlikely to simmer down anytime soon, designer Mayank Modi adds, “Biker jackets are comfortable, sassy and the perfect-jazz-on accessory. Basically, one is also going to see balloon pants make a come back. While there’s going to be a glut of revivals and variations in the fit and cut, classics are going to be the highlight of the year . It’s also, probably the best time to go old-school with a pop of your individual styling.”

“Doc Martens are surely going to find many takers this season. Stars like Jessica Alba have sported them, and they only seem to be getting bigger. The dress and shoe trend is here to stay, as well,” reveals Shruti Ahuja, a fashion influencer. Adding to how chunky footwear is in, Shruti adds, “Combat boots, chunky sandals, heavy oxford heels are all classics that scream cool. So, get ready to infuse all that jazz into your daily wardrobe.”

Implying how chokers, hoop earrings and sporting multiple rings to channel that inner biker-vibe is back with bang, designer Nagashree adds, “Personally, I see vintage accessories come to the fore. Be it embellished bracelets or quirky studs, it’s all in the details. Glitter, bold hues and frills are back, and we’re not talking only about stuff in your wardrobe. Add a few heavy accessories into your accessories stash, and you wont regret flaunting it all year round!”

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