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Good riddance 2019

Published : Dec 30, 2019, 6:22 am IST
Updated : Dec 30, 2019, 6:22 am IST

As the year draws to a close, let’s examine the trends that need to be buried as they have not really made an impact whatsoever.

An outfit by Khyati and Suman Nathwani
 An outfit by Khyati and Suman Nathwani

With 2020 just around the corner, it’s time to ditch the unfortunate trends that we had to embrace in the past few seasons. While no one could figure out what the millennials want, one thing that stood out was the new age fashion industry loves to break rules and flaunt the flaws. Perhaps, the next decade would highly emphasise inclusivity and fluidity in fashion, but to reach there one needs to start afresh. We speak to style experts to collate a list of fashion statements that need to stay back in 2019 for good, hopefully.

For senior designer Ranna Gill, the year of cheap and inexpensive fashion should not be stretched to the next decade. She quips, “The idea of fast fashion needs to be dropped out. I believe in popular fashion, sustainable fashion, organic fashion, adding a personal touch to the pieces and items that are bespoke. A trend for me that needs to go away is the “ripped denim,” although it is popular in the high street, but to me, it does not look fashionable at all.”

Whereas, resort wear designers Khyati and Suman Nathwani wish to keep the neon trend at bay. The duo mentions, “We would really want to get rid of the neon track wear that is being worn in the name of fashion. Also, animal prints are done to death and we’ve seen enough of it already. Fashion needs to be classic, and monochromatic trends fit the bill in this regard. For resort wear trends, we would rather want flowy, easy-to-wear, solid-coloured garments instead of over the top prints."

As the fashion industry started pushing all kinds of sustainable options by the end of 2019, in order to stay woke many designers also re-visited the past and upcycled trends. While most Indian designers hoped to see more homegrown styles occupy the mainstream trends, senior designers Asha and Gautam Gupta share their two cents on the change in the fashion attitude of young followers. “Athleisure was one word that was widely heard in the fashion circuit, but the trend needs to say goodbye now. A lot of Bollywood celebrities and fashionistas totally overused the trend and started wearing track pants with heels. Another thing that needs to go is the denim on denim and the ripped denim that was seen everywhere. For the year 2020, I am hoping to see more saris, anarkalis and smart jackets that are made in India using Indian crafts,” opine Asha and Gautam Gupta.

Coming to accessories, there was a clear shift in mood throughout the year 2019 and the focus shifted from style to practicality. In the shoe department, we saw the rise and fall of ugly shoe trends like the dad sneakers, socks with sandals and toe shoes, etc – repulsive but so comfortable. Speaking about the new accessory norms for 2020, accessory designer Aanchal Sayal highlights, “The year 2019 was a year full of trends – from bum bags to saddlebags, there was everything. The beginning and the end of the year felt like two completely different times. As a designer, I have always emphasised on the practical aspect of a bag without compromising on the aesthetics, which is why the trend of micro bags should go away in 2020. Despite it looking cute, it has much less utility in daily lives and has no place in it. Another trend I’d like to see less of next year is the PVC bags. The XL totes must continue to ride the waves in 2020. Slouchy clutches are a personal favourite as they work with almost everything. It gives a minimalistic look with the bag allowing the outfit to display a slender vision of it. Last but not least, Croc-embossed handbags add the element of chic to any outfit by being the focal point of any ensemble so we hope to see them more.”

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