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Shoe-markers in the making

Published : Jun 27, 2017, 1:32 am IST
Updated : Jun 27, 2017, 1:32 am IST

Popular ‘sole’ searchers from fashion frat let us in on their obsession with shoes and the art of crafting a perfect pair.

Anmol Bajaj flaunts her favourite buys
 Anmol Bajaj flaunts her favourite buys

Does a smile tug at the corners of your lips, every time you pass by a shoe store? Well, you aren’t alone. Shoe-a-holics are everywhere. From haggling for a steal deal from a roadside store to blowing up their moolah on those coveted Louboutins – they’ve been there and bought that! In a candid chat, some fashionistas let us in on their ‘shoe’drobe and what eggs them on to hoard away!

 “My earliest memory, of jumping with joy at the sight of shoes, dates back to when I was 12, when my mum gifted me a pair of platform heels. It was the typical metallic-laced platforms which seemed like a fantastic surprise. Coming to think of it, it wasn’t really fashionable, but was everything I could ask for at that moment in time,” shares Riccha Paul, a writer,  singer and baker. That aside, Riccha tells us how her childhood fascination for Barbie dolls could be traced back to a very different reason altogether.


Charumathi GR showcases her proud shoe fetishCharumathi GR showcases her proud shoe fetish

“The only reason I bought Barbies was because they came along with a few shoe options. And, that excited me more than anything else. I’d imagine myself in Barbies’ pretty coloured pumps and hoped to have my own little haven when I grew up,” she recollects. While owning 78 pairs of shoes have been the highest, she believes it’s important to place comfort above everything else.

“Despite stacking up different kind of shoes, pumps happen to be my favourite shoe type. In my early 20s, I bought everything that caught my fancy. As I’ve grown older, the emphasis has shifted from buying anything on a whim to settling only for well-crafted shoes. Comfort is what I’ve learnt goes a long way when investing in a pair of shoes. You can buy a dime a dozen from online sales and fast fashion stores, and sure they look great, but the ones that will last the longest and continue to look amazing are the ones you feel a pinch when you swipe your card! But they’ll make you happy for a long time! And yes, try before you buy. It took me three years to finally buy my pair of Louboutins. They’re my favourite!” she adds.


For make-up artist Charumathi GR, going steady at a whopping 400 pairs and counting, investing in fine shoes has been one of the best (sartorial) choices she has made so far! “Like diamonds are woman’s best friends, I think shoes are my best friends too! (Make-up remains my passion, though). I’ve always been a sensible dresser, and I think no outfit is complete if you don’t put enough thought into your shoes or accessories. Your choice of footwear can make or break a look, so be wise!  I would recommend women always have three draws to organise shoes accordingly. Doing so had helped me get ready in an instant, and also feel more confident,” she exclaims.


Riccha PaulRiccha Paul

Anmol Bajaj, an interior designing graduate, vouches by how the idea of striking an intelligent balance between versatility and comfort matters most. “I own close to 70 pairs of shoes, including my chappals. I have a designated cupboard for only my shoes! I like to collect them and have a variety of it. I have heels, flats, slides and even superstars in my collection. The most expensive pair I own are my Salvatore Ferragamo heels. They are classy and black and go with just about anything. I think it is important for women to invest in a pair of luxe shoes, which won’t disappoint no matter what the outfit or occasion. It’s important to weigh in the versatility factor, while buying shoes.”


Michelle Salins, designer, adds, “If you are dealing with suede shoes, today, there are multiple products available to remove the marks and scars on your shoes. I believe you must  store your footwear well. Usually all footwear today comes with soft shoe pouches. After using your shoes, wipe it with a soft cloth and leave them out to air for an hour. Soon after, you must make the effort to place it back in the pouch and  it must go into  a comfortable size moisture free box. Make sure you always read the instructions on the can before you apply it to your suede shoes. Whatever you do, never use water or a wet cloth on your  footwear!”


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