Supermodel Miranda Kerr shares diet secrets

Fashionista who got hitched to Evan Spiegal earlier this year shares a dieting tip.

London: Supermodel Miranda Kerr says she drinks a glass of hot water with lemon every morning to stay fit.

The 34-year-old model says every morning she will make the warm drink to "kick start" her digestion, which is swiftly followed by a nutritious smoothie, reported Contactmusic.

"So one of my favourite things to have in the morning is hot water with lemons. It's a really great way to kick start your digestion, it's full of vitamin C,” the super model says.

She goes on to add, "After I've made my hot water and lemon, I'll then make a smoothie, and these are some of my favourite ingredients...It is a great source of protein.”

The fashionista, who married husband Evan Spiegel earlier this year, says "No matter how busy I am I really try to take a moment and just really be present with eating and enjoy my food."

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