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Fashion turns eco-friendly through Toile

Published : Oct 19, 2018, 3:25 pm IST
Updated : Oct 19, 2018, 3:25 pm IST

Farheen Rahman and Priti Jain, founder of Toile talk fashion sustainability, travellers market Versatile Vasudha and future plans.

Founders  Farheen Rahman and Priti Jain say eco fashion is a lifestyle not only limited to clothing.
 Founders Farheen Rahman and Priti Jain say eco fashion is a lifestyle not only limited to clothing.

Toile, a concept store in Mumbai that houses all eco fashion brands under one roof is all set to host the second edition of Versatile Vasudha: The festive edit.

The unique property by Toile is a travellers market which brings over 30 designers from India and international to showcase their latest collection over a span of 2 days.

Versatile Vasudha is slated to be held from October 26th-28th at the Toile, Ground Floor Samyakth Bliss Plot Mumbai 52, 764, 5th Rd, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra from noon to 8pm.

In conversation with this correspondent, founders Farheen Rahman and Priti Jain speak about how they started with Toile and what eco-friendly fashion is all about.

What led you to start Toile?

Priti: We as a team have always believed in the ecological ideology. Coming from a fashion and garment background, we have witnessed how the designers work in this field internationally. We lack that kind of a commitment in India. Mostly, sustainability in India restricts to working with handloom fabrics and weavers. But there is so much more than just this. That’s when we decided to start a multi-design brand which houses designers working in the field of sustainability. It’s a small market compared to fast fashion but there is a visible growth and awareness that’s coming up.

What do Eco fashion and sustainability mean to you?

Farheen: Eco fashion according to me is a lifestyle. It’s not only limited to clothing. You should inculcate sustainable living in your everyday life. As responsible citizens of the world, it is our duty to look after and to give back to Mother Nature as best we can, in our own small ways. For example, instead of using plastic, we can use bio degradable cartons for packaging. We can switch to organic food and clothing.

Priti: Organic agriculture preserves the earth’s eco system and prevents pollution. Reduce carbon foot prints by purchasing home grown products. In clothing we should try to recycle, up cycle worn clothes. We should promote zero waste in manufacturing.

Why Eco fashion? How is it different?

Farheen: Eco fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. In eco fashion the emphasis is not only on the wearer but even the manufacturer. The aim is to decrease the harmful effects caused by the fashion industry on the environment like growing organic cottons which uses no pesticides and energy.

Why did you guys decide to come together for the venture?

Priti: We were friends having the same sensibilities. It made easier for us to come together.

What has the response been like? What is the USP of Eco fashion?

Priti: The response has been overwhelming. We understand that it will take time to educate the advantages of sustainable lifestyle but this is the future.

What next for you?

Farheen: We decided to have three stores by 2019.

We launched Toile in October 2017 in Mumbai and our second store in Kolkata in February 2018 and the third is coming up in London in March 2019.

Priti: We are launching e commerce platform in October 2018.

We have even come up with a travellers market called the Versatile Vasudha. We showcase brands apart from brands stocking with us. Our first edition was launched in Kolkata which was a super success for the brand. Our second edition is happening on the October 25 in Mumbai followed by Delhi, Hyderabad, Dhaka, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Behrain, London and Washington. We would like people to shop and celebrate sustainability wherever we go.

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