Black, reinvented

This is one shade that will always remain an eternal favourite. Here are some fun ways to flaunt this classic colour!

There’s something so comforting and glamorous about the colour black that it never fades out of style. If you have been invited to a party, chances are 50 percent of the guests would turn up wearing something in black, and still manage to look different from the other. If you have a well fitted garment in black like trouser, dress, blouse or a saree, then you can creatively change the look of it. You can dress it up and dress it down as well to not look like clones of your friends.

Black is almost like a classic in your wardrobe and should be used differently to create trends that you like and style it the way it exudes your personality. Black can be recycled in totally different ways, depending on what you use, remarks designer Neeta Lulla. She says, “Black takes a completely different identity — statement pieces like LBD in your wardrobe can be easily worn in different ways. For example if the florescent colours are trending and are in for that season then you can coordinate belt and accessories in florescent, also add scarfs and dupattas and shoes in florescent without over-doing things. One can also add accessories such as black boots, sweater, shawl and jacket in winters that can be worn with leggings and a neutral crop top for a chic look. You can use a black jacket with a trendy gown or a saree for an evening do.”

Black is an eternal favorite and can never go out of fashion. It is the safest bet but can sometimes look really monotonous, says designer Shruti Sancheti. She adds, “Some ways to make black look distinct is by using black in different textures and fabrics on a single outfit. One can also use a lot of metallic details or add a dash of colour in form of detailing or colour block. For a winter wedding, one can wear black blazer with an old Benarasi sari for an interesting twist or use black sweater with a prairie dress for a continental look.”

The sophistication and elegance associated with the colour black is unmatched, yet it fits right into the modern day wardrobe given it’s versatility and universal likening. Designer Hemant Sagar points out, “The Little Black Dress is less of a wardrobe staple today and more of a personal style statement that every woman is defining for herself. The evening gown can be spruced up with sequin detailing or an ode can be paid to power dressing by opting for a trench dress. Another way to recycle the black outfits in your wardrobe is to pair them up together. A black dress with a matching blazer or a monochrome black suit looks timeless and chic on any occasion.”

Black clothing has an undeniable power, and it connotes seriousness and diligence. It can be sinister or rebellious, like the black cloaks of witches or the black leather jackets worn by biker gangs. In many cultures, it’s the colour of mourning, and it could also represent sensuality. Designer Aashima Behl highlights these qualities and says, “Bring a classic trench into the new season with black pieces. Among the endless variety of colours and combinations that fashion retailers stock, black is a popular choice. It is generally a safe choice for a purchase as a fitted black dress seems to make the body neater and smaller.”

While designer Shehla Khan says that you could never get bored of black at parties as this shade can be carried off by a person of any shape, size or colour. “It can be worn differently by individuals to suit their style. We all have basic pieces in black, and how we wear them is based on our personal style. Something like a black suit can’t really look that different from one person to another, however you can set your outfit apart by the cut of your suit and how you accessorize it, and where you wear it. The same goes for a black dress,” sums up Shehla.

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