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Matrix Reloaded in your wardrobe

Published : Feb 18, 2018, 8:20 am IST
Updated : Feb 18, 2018, 8:24 am IST

This movie has not just left an impact on fans, but has also augmented an iconic look with black shades and long trench coats.

Nikita Mahendra
 Nikita Mahendra

The world of fashion has recently gravitated towards the sci-fi world this season and escapes all realities entering into the Matrix trends.

Those black slender shades with the long trench coats can be spotted everywhere and anywhere, whether you are on the street or in a catwalk.

Nikita Mahendra, a 25-year-old fashion designer thinks the trend is just absolutely amazing and loves those sunglasses. She says, “My aunt gave those sunglasses to me years back and I was so thrilled to see them come back in fashion this year. Though, the entire matrix look would be tough to re-do since summers are kicking in but instead of a trench coat you wear a sleek black top with long black pants and to finish the look you could wear a cap, which is also back in the trend and of course those cool pair of glasses.”

While for the bloggers, everyone just rushes into the stores to buy these pair of glasses and these coats to re-create the looks.

Manisha, a fashion blogger shares, “With more people being wary of global fashion trends, the trench coat isn't just associated with cold countries anymore. It can come handy as a versatile fashion accessory for different looks, from everyday casuals to after hour's party outfit. It's definitely a classic staple worth making an investment, as it's here to stay. One-shoulder monotone top with pastel midi skirt and a black trench coat is a perfect way to wear this trend. You could also try, wide-leg jumpsuit with a black trench coat.”

Sunglasses have moved on from being a summer essential to now a key transpersonal fashion accessory as it completes an ensemble just as a bag or neckpiece would. It's completely in-trend to be more experimental with one's looks and not shy away from offbeat frames or quirky tinted glasses.

An accessory designer, Raksha Basava thinks, “The glasses coming back in trend from the matrix movies sets a perfect scenario for bringing in the trend of futuristic wearable jewellery. The same glasses can be beautifully studded with diamonds or gemstones or even both! The frames could be made replaceable so the wearer could choose from a variety of options! Being a huge fan of the futuristic look, I am very much looking forward to catching up with this trend in India as well.”

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