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A solution for every style issue

Published : Dec 16, 2019, 7:35 am IST
Updated : Dec 16, 2019, 7:35 am IST

Here are some quick tips on how to handle your daily outfit woes.

Kate Upton experienced a wardrobe malfunction at a TV show due to the gap between her buttons.
 Kate Upton experienced a wardrobe malfunction at a TV show due to the gap between her buttons.

If you’ve been shelving your favourite blouse because of a tough warrior stain that just wouldn’t come out or avoid wearing a few clothes because it’s just to tedious to get it right, then fret not. Our designers have amazing hacks up their sleeves that will help you resolve these trivial fashion problems you have been facing. Here’s how you can give your clothes the best care from your couch.

A trip to the tailor or the dry cleaner in a metropolitan city is indeed a herculean task which is precisely why most of us don’t  fix our fashion problems believes Christina John as fashion designer.


Speaking about a quick fix for busty women, she says, “Wearing a shirt to formal events is something we busty women dread because of the gap between the buttons. The best way to avoid this is to stick a double sided tape in between the gaps. Ensure to remove the tape while dropping it into the washing machine. You never know the effect of the adhesive on these tapes so it’s best to try it on a piece of cloth first.”

Online shoe deals are the best but it’s always like throwing a stone inside a dark room if you hit a jackpot then you’ve got the fairytale moment with a pair of shoes that fit your right and if the stone hits a lion’s den and you’ve got tight shoes then god save you from the exchange process. Or Neeta Rai a fashion designer has the solution, she says, “All you’ve got to do is fill a zip lock bag with water half way through and place one in each shoe allowing the bag to full space out in the shoe. Now place the shoe with the bag in the freezer and let is set all night. Since water expands when it freezes you it will expand your shoe and you can now enjoy your new pair.”


Lint is every jumper’s biggest nightmare and lint rollers aren’t always the best option. Nupur Singh a fashion designer shares a hack, she says, “The easy way to get rid of lint is to use a razer blade. You can simply glide it down on the parts where the lint is visible and viola just like that it vanishes and gives your clothing a brand new look.”

Getting chewing gum off of your clothes is absolutely a sticky situation, but fashionista Bhavan Dey’s got you covered. She says, “Getting gum on your clothes is unfortunate and what follows is an exhausting princess to get rid of the gum entirely. The simple thing to do is rub ice cube on the gum and it will peel off immediately as gum quickly responds to change of temperature.” 


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