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Pout for thought!

Published : Nov 15, 2016, 12:14 am IST
Updated : Nov 15, 2016, 12:47 am IST

Cold creams are actually good for your lips.

Curb the tendency to lick your lips.
 Curb the tendency to lick your lips.

Winters call for extra hydration. Ironically, while efforts are put to moisturise the skin, intensive lip care is often overlooked. Remember, the skin on and around your lips is most sensitive. Set aside a few minutes for healthier and fuller looking lips. To begin with, consider these tips...

Stop licking your lips: Curb the tendency to lick your lips. While it may feel like you are wetting your lips, the bacteria from the saliva peels the skin leaving an unsightly mark. This also leads to major dryness on and around the lips.

Coconut oil? No please! Contrary to the popular belief, coconut oil is not a miracle concoction for every skin woe. It might work wonders for your hair and skin, but not the lips. Choose castor oil instead, as it is thicker and offers more moisturisation Apply a little overnight, every night throughout winter.

Stop peeling the dead/dry skin: Lip peels are helpful, but manual peeling is not. Peeling makes your lips bumpy and they take longer to heal.

Cold creams are actually good for your lips. They work better than tinted lip balms and are low maintainence too.

Hydrate yourself with water and fresh juices. This step is unmissable.

If your lips are naturally very dull and dry, gently brush them with a dry toothbrush until  the dead skin flakes off. Apply a thick coating of lip balm or castor oil right after. It'll leave your lips feeling soft and smooth.

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