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Published : Feb 12, 2019, 5:59 am IST
Updated : Feb 12, 2019, 6:01 am IST

Designer Manish Arora and entrepreneur Vivek Sahni create a limited edition collection.

Kama Ayurveda X Manish Arora Valentine’s Day Edition
 Kama Ayurveda X Manish Arora Valentine’s Day Edition

There’s nothing better than a crazy-cool collaboration, for the lack of a better description, to get our attention—this time it’s the Kama Ayurveda X Manish Arora. The ace designer known internationally for his avant-garde design philosophy has tied up with Indian entrepreneur Vivek Sahni, who created the monumental Indian brand, Kama Ayurveda, which brings holistic Ayurveda into the mainstream. The team has created a line of exclusive limited edition products and a collection especially for Valentine’s Day. The Age caught up with the duo to speak about it all.

Tell us how this collaboration came about?
MA: When Vivek, the brand’s co-founder approached me with the proposition of this collaboration, I was certain I wanted to come on board this project. While our individual brand philosophies may vary, our commitment to the Make in India cause is what really brought us together. We were able to come to a common ground with the concept of the association that resonated strongly with both of u and that to me was the real deal clincher.

VS: Love is at the heart of everything we do here at Kama. The love for nature, our heritage and Ayurveda are central to the brand. With this in mind, we wanted to collaborate with someone who had the same ideologies about love like us. And who better than Manish Arora. He symbolises India & love, and that manifests in all his creations.

Kama Ayurveda digs deep nto India's history to re-create ancient secrets while the brand Manish Arora looks forward — India going International; How do the two meet?
MA:  Kama Ayurveda’s brand personality is vastly different from brand Manish Arora and that reflects in our creative interpretations as well. For a layman, these two brands aren't a natural fit and that's what really makes this association unique. Having said that, Vivek and I had a unified thought of building on the concept of celebrating love in all its facets and that really made this collaboration a reality. We were able to perfectly balance both our sensibilities to create something beautiful and that is our biggest achievement.

Designer Manish Arora at work in his studioDesigner Manish Arora at work in his studio

VS: The two brands operate in a very different space, but we both believe in India, our heritage and that Love is love. The thought of Manish Arora & Kama Ayurveda together might seem unexpected, we all know as human beings that Love Is Love, unplanned, unexpected, yet the most beautiful emotion known.

What kind of products can we look forward to?
MA: The creative concept behind the box is the celebration of inclusivity, diversity and most importantly, universal love. Aptly titled 'Love is Love', the design features my very modern & signature pink and gold palette juxtaposed beautifully with Kama Ayurveda's existing ethnic Indian persona to tie in with the Valentine's Day theme. As always, variations of the heart motif are the standout design feature for the packaging of the box as well as its components which include their signature rose mist along with 2 custom-designed brooches.

Actor Ranveer Singh in  a Manish Arora outfit Actor Ranveer Singh in a Manish Arora outfit

VS: For this collaboration, Kama Ayurveda and Manish Arora together have created this unique keepsake that is packaged in the designer’s hallmark pink and gold box, along with a heart-shaped brooch with beadwork, crafted by him exclusively for this collaboration. Manish Arora has also redesigned our Pure Rose water in a limited-edition design for the occasion of Valentine's.

This is not the first time you have collaborated; your collaboration with Amrapali has been well appreciated. What goes into a successful venture with another brand?
MA: For starters, know and understand the brand you are working with through research and conversations. Then it’s about finding a common ground while retaining each one’s individuality. Once the concept is agreed upon, it's important both brands give each other enough creative space to bring their own ideas to the table and then work in cohesion to merge the two seamlessly.

Your design for Ranveer ingh’s wedding outfit created quite the frenzy, what attributes do you think you and the actor share?
MA: We’re both unapologetic and unabashed about who we are and what we represent. We share the same love for life and consider ourselves trendsetters, not followers. I have seldom ventured into menswear and when I have it has only been for Ranveer.

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