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Chic and ‘slide’!

Published : Aug 9, 2017, 12:55 am IST
Updated : Aug 9, 2017, 12:55 am IST

The loafer slide makes for a more polished look without being too out there.

Jacqueline Fernandez has been using these fur slides as a summer staple.
 Jacqueline Fernandez has been using these fur slides as a summer staple.

You can’t say that the thought of slipping your feet into a pair of comfy slides right when you get out of bed, is not comforting. But here is what will make you feel even better. Wear those slides anywhere you want, because they are making a huge comeback this season! Girls who have been voting for comfort over anything, take a bow, your moment is here!

These funky, almost shower-style slippers have taken the lead from high powered stilettos, with celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez, Karisma Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and even Ranveer Singh jumping on the bandwagon!


Slides are incredible for transitioning between seasons. There is no proper aesthetic sense to the design of pool slides and it covers just the top half of your foot leaving it backless, but it has an unfussy, casual quality that is great for high street looks. The loafer slide makes for a more polished look without being too out there.

Aswathi Balakrishnan, a fashion blogger rightly points out that the innovative customisations that several international brands have embraced this season, has brought the footwear back in style! “What started out as normal pool slides were taken up by several luxury designer brands that brought a spin on them with fur, fancy stones and sequins which made it look beautiful. The thing with slides is that they are so comfortable and you can wear it anywhere and everywhere. It can be paired up with absolutely anything too,” she says.


The comfort factor it brings to a fun, casual look is an absolute merit. Designer Monali Ranka comments, “There is no denying that slides are chic and very in at the moment.  Although, it doesn’t give you great posture and is not meant to help you have a stylish walk. When your outfit is quite on the jazzy side, a pair of slides can lend it that necessary relaxed vibe.”

Boyfriend jeans and loose fitting dresses are the way to go when you wear slides as Nischita Babu, a stylist recommends, “The looks you can create with slides is more on the youthful side and you can easily transition them from day to night and you will be assured comfort as well.”


Do it yourself

Frayed hemlines on denim are all the rage this season. Here’s how you can destroy your denim without pinching your pocket!


Fabulous fringe
You’ll need: chalk, ruler, tweezers, scissors and jeans. Measure and mark where to cut hem. Mark two inches above new hem to fray the fringe. Use scissors to cut tiny horizontal strips that are about one-inch in width from the bottom of the hem to where you have made your marking. Use tweezers to tug on white threads to loosen up edges. Toss your newly frayed jeans in the washing machine and dryer!


Unevenly speaking
Cut hem just above the stitch line. Draw a line across the front side of each leg. I measured two inches initially but added another half inch later. Use the seam ripper to remove the side hems up to the marked line. Cut across, using the drawn line as a guide. Remove a few of the white horizontal threads, one at a time.


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