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Here’s to a quirky 2020!

Published : Jan 5, 2020, 1:45 am IST
Updated : Jan 5, 2020, 1:45 am IST

Fashion goals this year will have a dash of out-of-the-box trends with a splash of awesomeness!

Deepika Padukone
 Deepika Padukone

With 2020 finally here the Bollywood queens seem to be changing fashions statements like never before. From resurgence of baggy pants to the suave Alia sporting the denim like trench coat and Deepika carrying her sass in a tight fitted corset over a loose open shirt! We speak to influencers, designers and fashionistas to get a sneak peek into the quirky side of fashion this year and if people are saying Yay or Nay to the trends!

Speaking about quirky fashion and how you can pull off the look, celebrity stylist Prasad Bidapa believes this style has more to offer he opines, “Quirky is always a little difficult to pull off. It means sometimes mixing unrelated pieces like Deepika’s corset with a white men’s shirt, or an antique piece with something modern like leather. I’ve seen women wear bikini tops with sarees and old lace with leather. It makes a highly individualistic statement about fashion so you really need great styling inputs to pull it off. I like Allia’s style (the denim like trench coat); she gets better with every passing season!”


Fashion over the years has always been synonymous to comfort, however fashionistas believe that putting yourself in uncomfortable attires was so 2019. Fashionista Avni Kaur elaborates, “While the past few years has seen a roller coaster ride in the world of fashion, 2020 seems to be a bit laid back in terms of fashion. From skinny jeans to baggy pants and form-fitting cycling shorts to culottes or bermuda shorts, the transition seems to be quite evident. So for me 2020 fashion seems promising.”

Be it casual, party or formal actresses are setting impeccable fashion statements and we have experts to guide you on how to embrace your quirkiness and let the diva in you shine. Fashion designer Christina John says the trickiest is to pull off a quirky formal look, she says, “For a casual quirky look you don’t really have to spend much time. Wearing anything mix and match with a bold statement jewellery will do the trick. However, for a quirky formal look you can pair a defined pleated skirt with a tight fitted blazer like Sonam Kapoor’s look can make for a fairly decent boardroom attire. If you feel your quirky quotient is a notch higher then you can try boxy culottes and pair them with a shimmery bralette with an oversized blazer for a formal evening party. Quirky is fun and I am excited to try out newer stuff this year.”


Giving us a reality check is celebrity fashion designer Laxmi Krishna, she believes that quirky is fun but unrealistic for daily fashion. She says, “Fashion has always been evolving and to me quirky means to stand out. When actors wear over-the-top clothes, they become trendsetter. But, in reality pulling of such styles is unthinkable. Regarding loose pants and bustiers it’s just that we follow Bollywood and hence in an attempt of trying to mimic their style people sometimes fail miserably. Quirky fashion is not my kind, I believe that 2020 is more about re-engineering and re-using of fabrics. We are focusing more of clothes made of natural fabric with natural dye. Indo -western is also gaining curiosity.”


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