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Sculpt as you like

Published : Dec 4, 2018, 1:36 am IST
Updated : Dec 4, 2018, 1:36 am IST

This procedure strengthens muscles and fights fat, an expert explores it in detail.

 A picture of Cary Deuber used for representational purpose only.
  A picture of Cary Deuber used for representational purpose only.

Emsculpt- The only procedure to help both women and men build muscle and sculpt the body.

Emsculpt, without doubt, is the most revolutionary treatment available to help people achieve the desired shape for their body. There are a number of treatments available like cool sculpting and liposuction that can take away the fat from the body but Emsculpt is the only process, which not only gets rid of the fat but also helps in building the muscles in the body simultaneously, giving longer and better results.


Emsculpt is a relatively new procedure (only two years old) but it has been producing amazingly great results for all kinds of body shapes. Emsculpt works on the principle of utilising the energy of electromagnetic waves to induce supramaximal contractions in the fast and muscle tissues. These contractions are similar to voluntary muscle actions, but so much more effective than those, which you achieve when lifting weights in the gym.

Emsculpt uses high intensity electromagnetic waves (HIFEM) and transmits them by two panels in the applicator. The machine creates a series of about 20,000 contractions in about 30 minutes, which are powerful enough to stimulate the fat metabolism in the body. This is an indication for the fat cells to breakdown and the free fatty acids are released in the body. A large amount of fatty acids are released because of the contractions and this causes the fat cells to die and they are excreted from the body through a natural process.


At the same time, when the fat cells are being broken down, the HIFEM waves also make the muscles contract beyond their normal capacity, causing the muscles to undergo cellular changes as the fat cells die. This thickens and strengthens the muscles, giving them a toned and athletic appearance.

Emsculpt works differently for different parts of body such as the abdomen, groin area, triceps and buttocks. The intensity of the contractions is controlled by the doctor and depends on the patient’s tolerance. Towards the end of the 30-minute cycle, the doctor dials down the contractions to slow and deliberate ones that help flush out the toxins of the body.


Emsculpt does not have any major side effects. There is minimal downtime or healing time. The whole cycle of three 30 minute sessions apparently gives wonder results in less than three to four weeks.  There have been no adverse side effects noted with Emsculpt. The slight soreness that the patients might feel is similar to that of a strenuous workout in the gym but with much better and visible results. Emsculpt is approved by the FDA.

Emsculpt is a non-invasive process and a patient has full freedom to choose the amount and duration of the treatment. It can apparently:

  • Reduce 19 percent of subcutaneous fat,
  • Increase 16 percent of average muscle mass,
  • Up to 1.5 inch loss in waist circumference.

Newer technology coming in is making it apparent that there will be a time in human history, when it will be possible to look 20 years old all your life. Safely.


 – The writer is a celebrity facial plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon

Disclaimer: Always check with a specialist before going ahead with this procedure.

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